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Washington Park 

Targeted Investment Neighborhood (TIN)

The Targeted Investment Neighborhood (TIN) initiative is designed to sustain and increase owner-occupancy, provide high quality affordable rental housing, strengthen property values, and improve the physical appearance and quality of life of neighborhoods. TINs focus resources for three years on a small area, generally six to twelve city blocks.

Bricks and mortar are just a part of what’s needed to improve neighborhoods. NIDC’s TIN program works with residents to improve the quality of life in their neighborhood. NIDC’s Community Outreach Coordinator is a liaison between the neighborhood and City departments. Staff also provides assistance with community-building and outreach. Learn more about this program 

TIN Loan Program - Home Rehabilitation (owner occupants)

TIN Loan Program - Rental Rehabilitation (investor owners)

*information above re-shared from NIDC

Eligible homes include properties in which face street side of the designated boundaries in orange. Houses kiddie corner may also be eligible. The address ranges for the Washington Park area may be anywhere from 3200-3504 West (Lloyd, Brown, Vine, Lisbon, Walnut, Galena) and between (1600-2099 N 32nd, 33rd, 34th, 35th).

Our most popular questions about TIN to inform, educate, and empower you with the right resources and a mutual community responsibility when it comes to property investments:

1. Do I have to be updated on my taxes to apply to TIN? YES

2. Do I really have to include all of my household income? YES

3. Can someone help me through the application process? YES, United Methodist Children's Services has staff onsite who can schedule an appointment to help give a second eye on thoroughness and completion of applications before submitting. All appointments are confidential. Your information will not be shared with anyone else unless you request it. Call Phoua at 414-344-1818 for an appointment.

4. What if my application comes back that I don't qualify? We're sorry, but we will look into other possible options for you throughout the city. It isn't a guarantee that another program will work out, but it's ALWAYS worth a try.

5. Do I have to own the property before I apply? YES

6. (OUR MOST POPULAR QUESTION) Is this address in the TIN or can you tell me which city properties I can buy in a TIN?

Unfortunately we don't do real estate.

There are a few sites you should keep open at the same time if you are trying to connect whether or not they fall within a City of Milwaukee TIN area:


City of Milwaukee TIN areas


City of Milwaukee Real Estate for sale


Map Milwaukee Portal and if it doesn’t load, it’s because your browser (Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Chrome) won’t allow the Silverlight application to install or display. You have to give permissions for this site to install and RUN the program when it pops up. It will open up in an entirely new window (not on the internet) and is a program. You may zoom into areas and/or type in a particular address.​​

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